Annual Maintenance Contract and Managed IT Services

Our cost-effective and fully secure Managed IT Services keep your business running all time, so that you can focus on customer development.

We deliver a comprehensive service of fully secure Managed Services based upon Microsoft and cloud solutions. A professional combination of creativity and technology into a single platform to help fuel innovation and enrich business. We can provide a clearly defined action plan which helps you to realize your business goals in the form of a comprehensive service delivery plan.

iTAG has a team of highly experienced, friendly professionals working to provide cost-effective, secure, and scalable IT AMC in Dubai and UAE. With our fast and reliable solutions for IT AMC, you can access a range of services, from outsourcing single element support to full infrastructure updates.

Whether its system security, support, or maintenance, we tailor our IT AMC solutions for businesses everywhere in Dubai. Our clients from across the sector – use our IT specialists to regulate an efficient and proactive work environment.

iTAG has managed to offer professional and commercially viable IT AMC services in Dubai. These services are easy to use and provide full coverage for all your future IT maintenance-related inquiries/issues.
Our Managed IT Service Can Do Wonders
The exploitation of advanced technology is truly recommended to deliver positive customer experiences takes a more positive and enabling outlook on the world, by using technology to fuel innovation and drive development. Great things can happen when technology and marketing combine do well. Modern successful brands do excellent work to exploit the combination of both marketing and technology combined. At iTAG will incorporate the cloud technology architecture as a business platform, leverage big data to make decisions, be mobile-centric, and incorporate media platforms to engage customers. We allow companies to embrace technology and data to make better business decisions understand that it’s all about the customer and realize them better to offer them what they really required.
What Makes Us Unique In Managed IT Service?
We believe that the world is running behind advanced technologies to create a successful space in the competitive world. We are ready to set you in a proper place with our excellent team by providing managed IT services. Yes, this is the time to change the plan before it changes you, and there’s no time like the present. So, it is very necessary to stabilize and optimize your existing IT operations. First, we will help you to measure your existing IT operational maturity to identify whether you’re a basic, standardized, or dynamic business. Once, our team has identified your current state ready to provide excellent managed IT service.