Managed Resources

We provide one-of-a-kind packaged offerings to fulfill our customers’ unique business needs. Alive to the ever-evolving needs for varied customized solutions, we keep adding new bespoke offerings to be continually relevant to our customers.
Qualified and experienced specialists for high-technology enterprise projects
One of the greatest challenges in every organization is finding skilled employees, especially within limited, project-bound timeframes. Also, growing enterprises would rather invest in core business objectives or skills rather than in IT teams that will periodically need retraining in new technologies.
We offer highly skilled and experienced resources across the tech landscape.
We have pool of IT specialists, who are continually upskilling in the latest technologies. We employ subject matter experts across the entire gamut of IT management who are able to work onsite or offshore.
iTAG Technologies Support Management Project Services offer:
  • We take the lead on the project from analysis and scheduling to support the released product.
  • We make proper plans, according to the requirements, schedule, and resources for your project.
  • Ensure technical and project documentation.
  • We do team-oriented work with unique ideas.
  • We effectively predict, preserve and solve project issues.
  • Our project management team hardly works to meet the maximum of the client’s expectation.
End-to-end IT Project Management Services
Our expert team will take complete responsibility of your IT project lifecycle. We have the talents to successfully finish your project, whether it is planning or design to deployment or running project support. We can assure a successful result of your projects which are standing at any stage.

Our experiences, knowledge, and skills are essential to complete your IT infrastructure projects successfully to find a unique way for success.
We Offer Comprehensive Professional Services in Project Management
We have trained professionals with extensive experience in the direction and management of projects. iTAG put the support of our employees at your disposal in methodological coaching for project management, forms, and the necessary advice to the customer Project Management professionals, assuming the responsibility of a Project Management Office of Support.
  • Security
  • Networking operations
  • Storage management
  • Database management
  • Backup and DR
  • Application management
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library-Service Design (ITIL-SD)
  • Server management